Knauf SM700 Pro Basecoat / Adhesive

Knauf SM700 Pro Basecoat / Adhesive

Item no. CRT164930
Knauf white base coat / adhesive. Increased strength and adhesion through additional fibre content. Suitable as a reinforcing coat for both EPS and Mineral Fibre insulation boards. Can also be used as a reinforcing coat on masonry and cement board substrates. Yield 6.2/m2 as an adhesive, 3.6/m2 as a base coat at 5mm thick

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Reaction to fire: A2 - non-combustible
Grain size: mm 1.0
Compressive strength category: CS III
Water vapour diffusion resistance μ 15
Thermal conductivity λ10, dry: ≤ 0.47 W/(m·K), at P=50% ≤ 0.54 W/(m·K), at P=90%
Capillary water absorption: W2

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Knauf SM700 Pro Basecoat / Adhesive