Knauf LUP222 Basecoat

Knauf LUP222 Basecoat

Item no. CRT5687
Knauf LUP222 for use on lightweight block and is used before applying a Knauf reinforcing base coat. Yield 1.6/m2 at 15mm thick.

Weather-resistant lightweight basecoat render for application to thermal-insulation Poroton blockwork with design thermal conductivity λR > 0.13 W/(m•K) and bulk density > 700 kg/m³, aerated concrete masonry with design thermal conductivity λR > 0.09 W/(m•K) and bulk density > 500 kg/m³, Liapor masonry and other walling materials that are to receive finishing render/render coat. Preparation is required for certain backgrounds.

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Bulk density: kg/dm3 1.1
Coverage kg/m2 18.3
Coat thickness mm 15
Grading mm 1.5
Water absorption coefficient: kg/(m²•h0.5) w < 0.5
Thermal conductivity (10°C, dry) λ W/(m•K) 0.29
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ: 10
Dynamic elastic modulus: N/mm2 2700
Tensile/compressive strength ratio: 0.47
Compressive strength: N/mm2 3.4
Tensile bending strength: N/mm2 1.6
Coverage m2/bag; m2/tonne 1.65; 55

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