Self Levelling Cement Screed SA500

Self Levelling Cement Screed SA500

Item no. CRT690TE
Self levelling cement screed for residential interior floors. Yield 1.6m/2 per bag at 10mm thick

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Yield approx. 18 kg/m2 for 10 mm thickness
Can be walked on h approx. 24
Typical drying time at +20°C and 65% RH cm 1 week/cm for first 4 cm of thickness, 2 weeks/cm for each additional cm. At lower temperatures and/or higher R.H. drying time can be longer
Density of the hardened product kg/m³ approx. 2,100
pH alkaline
Mixing water % approx. 16
Thickness mm 3-6
Specific weight kg/m³ approx. 1,500
Thermal conductivity coefficient (EN 1745) W/m·K 1.41
Compressive strength after 28 days N/mm² approx. 20
Flexural strength after 28 days N/mm² approx. 5
Shrink approx. < 0.4 mm/m
Can be walked on approx. 24 hours Conforms to standard EN 13813 CT-C20-F5

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Self Levelling Cement Screed SA500